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Membership Outreach
World Service Delegate - Mike D. 
Alternate Delegate - Ann M.  
Area Chairperson - Matt D.  

Business Services/Finance
Secretary - Steffi K. 
Treasurer - Jodi B.

Group Services
Archives - Hugh W. 
Area Records Coordinator - Renee F.  

Alateen Coordinator - Andy G. 
Area Alateen Process Person - Marti W.  
Alateen Representative                                   (contact Alateen Coordinator)
Alternate Alateen Rep.                                   (contact Alateen Coordinator)

Public Outreach
Public Outreach Coordinator - Beth D.   
Alt. Public Outreach Coordinator -
Web Coordinator - Jamie H. 
Technical Coordinator - Kristine G. 

Fellowship Communications
Literature/Forum Coordinator - Ross F. 
Serenity Sentinel Editor - Maggie S.  

Additional Addresses and Contact Info
Michigan AFG Inc.
PO Box 83
Howell, Mi 48844-0083

World Service Office
Phone: 757-563-1600
AFG, Inc.
1600 Corporate Landing Pkwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
AFG Website:
Members Website: Al-Anon/Alateen Members (password: Meeting name followed by afg)
AFG Meeting Hotline: 888-4ALANON (888-425-2666)
AFG Fax Line: 757-563-1655

Service Positions