Michigan – Area 27


If you have questions and comments, you may email Michigan AFG or contact one of the local Al-Anon Information Services.

Ann Arbor Area (Washtenaw Co)(734) 995-4949
Detroit Metro(313) 242-0300
Genesee Area (Flint)(810) 234-1460
Grand Rapids Area(616) 222-0632
Kalamazoo Area(269) 343-4328
Lansing Area (Central Michigan)(517) 484-1977
Oakland County Area(248) 706-1020
Michigan Thumb Area(989) 912-5478
Traverse City Area(231) 938-7399
Northwestern Michigan(231) 675-7044
Upper Peninsula (west of Engadine) Area 61/Wisconsin

Order Literature

You may explore Al-Anon’s Conference Approved Literature (CAL) at the World Service Office (WSO) website and/or order CAL from a Literature Distribution Center (LDC).

Ann Arbor Area (Washtenaw Co)Literature@afgDistrict5.org
Detroit Metro Literature Distribution Center(313) 242-0300
Grand Rapids Arealiterature@aisgr.org
Lansing Area (Central Michigan)(517) 484-1977
Oakland Literature Distribution Center(248) 706-1020
Michigan Thumb Area(989) 912-5478

Group Records Change


If you have any information about permanent or temporary changes to a group, including

  • name
  • location (including instructions)
  • day or time
  • type (“Families and Friends only” (closed) or “Families, Friends and Observers welcome” (open)
  • services (beginners, child care, etc.)
  • Group Representative (GR)
  • Current Mailing Address (CMA)
  • phone contacts,

please email the details of those changes to miafgrecords@gmail.com and your local district. The Area Records Coordinator will update WSO records where appropriate.

Trusted Servants

Membership Outreach

World Service DelegateAnn MmiafgDelegate@gmail.com
Alternate DelegateKristine Gmiafgalternatedelegate@gmail.com
ChairpersonMike DmiafgChairperson@gmail.com

Business Services/Finance

TreasurerRenee Fmiafgtreasurer@gmail.com
Tech CoordinatorRoss Fmiafgtechcoordinator@gmail.com

Group Services

ArchivesRoss FmiafgArchives@gmail.com
Area RecordsSandy Cmiafgrecords@gmail.com


Alateen CoordinatorMarte Dmialateen@aol.com
Alateen Process PersonJodi Bmiafgaapp@gmail.com
Alateen Representativescontact Alateen Coordinator

Public Outreach

Public Outreach CoordinatorCheryl Bmiafgpublicoutreach@gmail.com
Web CoordinatorMarie S.miafgwebcoordinator@gmail.com

Fellowship Communication

Literature/ForumJanet Omiafgliterature@gmail.com
Serenity SentinelJeannette Gserenitysentinel@miafg.org

Donate/7th Tradition

As our Seventh Tradition suggests, Al-Anon is a self-supporting fellowship. As individuals, we learn to take responsibility for our own words, thoughts, feelings, and actions. As members of our group, we do whatever it takes to assure that our group remains strong and vibrant. We are self-supporting when we give our group the time, talent, energy, and money it needs to help the families and friends of alcoholics. We don’t accept help from outside our fellowship, but we do reach out beyond our group to assure that “When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,” Al-Anon and Alateen will be there to provide it.

The Seventh Tradition Suggests (S-21) is reprinted with permission of ©Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA

Michigan – Area 27

Donations are accepted by mail and online via PayPal. By PayPal, please include your group’s WSO number in the “more information” text box.

By mail, make checks payable to: Michigan AFG Inc.
Mail to:
Michigan AFG Inc.
PO Box 980174
Ypsilanti, MI 48198-0174

World Service Office (WSO)

Donations are accepted online at the WSO Members’ Site or by mail.
By mail, make check payable to: AFG, Inc.
Mail to:
1600 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617